Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Early Book Day! LESSONS IV is now available!

Hello everybody! Well, LESSONS IV is finally here, and I was actually able to get it out to the world a lot sooner than I thought I would. Everything just kinda came together over the past few days, and I was working non-stop all weekend long trying to get it all together. I thought I'd wait a few days... but I'm impatient! Plus, I knew you guys were really waiting for this, so it made me happy that I was able to get it out there a little sooner.

I really had a blast writing this one. This might be the darkest Lessons book yet. Don't worry, there's still plenty of that dark, twisted humor that you've come to know and love from the previous books.

There are 29 drabbles. (Author Imogen Rose thought it'd be a neat idea to keep it at 29 in honor of leap year) Not only that, but there are 9 bonus drabbles/shorts by authors J.L. Bryan, Daniel Pyle, Jason Letts, Robert J. Duperre, Daniel Arenson, M.P. McDonald, and M.S. Verish.

I hope you guys enjoy the book! Once again, I can never thank you enough for your support. Happy reading!

You can get your very own copy of LESSONS IV by clicking here.

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