Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing new to report... so that's what I'm reporting!

Sheesh... I've been slacking with this blog again.  Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I wished I had a lot of exciting updates for you, but I really don't at the moment.  There are a few cool things going on.  I'm 9 away from selling 500 books since July, which is amazing, being that I don't even have a novel out yet!  Not too shabby for a short story writer.

The LESSONS books are still doing very well.  I've been hearing a lot of good things about them from people, so that makes me very happy.  IN DECLINE, while it may not be seeing LESSONS numbers, is still doing well by itself and even got a wonderful review on BigAl's Books and Pals.  You can read the review by clicking here.

My favorite part of the review:

Crane has a talent very few writers have. He can find the humor in a dire situation or find a way to sympathize with the most dismal characters. Some say that to read fiction requires the reader to “suspend disbelief.” That’s not the case here. These stories ooze truth.

So, how can one not be happy when they get an excellent review like that?  :)

That's about it for now.  I guess I did have a few things that were worth reporting after all.  Imagine that!

(Just don't expect me to make a habit out of it!)

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