Monday, February 13, 2012

Total Bummer

(note: I took the post title from a NOFX song, because I really had no idea what to title this thing)

I found out that one of my childhood friends took his own life back in December, and I found out about it only a few days ago. Came as a complete shock. I know that we kinda grew apart once we hit high school, but we were never on bad terms or anything. A lot of the people you end up being friends with in grade school and junior high, you kind of go different ways once you hit high school for whatever reason.

I was shocked, hurt, and bummed when I found out.

He friend requested me about two years ago on Facebook, and we exchanged some posts back and forth. He was living in Florida at the time, so it wasn't like we could go and hang out like back in the old days. Still, I wished I had a chance to talk to him more even though I know that nothing would've changed the outcome. He didn't make any of his pain public. Even when we were growing up, I never saw that side of him.

Miss you, buddy. Sorry you had to leave, and sorry you had to leave the way you did. I can't pretend to know what you were going through, or know what was in your head when you made that final decision. Wished there could've been another way, but then again, don't we all?

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