Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Twofer... and it ain't even Tuesday!

Yes, another blog entry.  I feel this deserves mention.  As of today, I have reached the 100 mark in views/downloads of my two short stories, Canary and Today, I Told a Lie.  I find that very exciting.  Just the thought that it's possibly that I've had that many people check out my work is awesome.  I don't care if the stories are free.  My writing is getting attention, and that's what's important.

Of course, as I write this, is down.  They have a lot of problems with their site, sadly.  It's a lottery when it comes to seeing if you'll get to the site or not.  Ah!  It's up again... for now.

Still, this is excellent news.  I'm glad I found a place to publish some single-short stories.  It beats me trying to shop them to magazines, only to get rejection notices on them later.  And this way, I can always add these stories to a later collection if I wish, since I am publishing them myself.  That's another great thing about doing it this way.

It's happy news for me.  I like that my writing is getting noticed.  Hopefully some of those people who downloaded or viewed the stories enjoyed them.

You can view the stories at these links (when they're working, at least!):

Today, I Told a Lie

Again, the website requires patience.  If none of the links are working when you try them, come back later and give it a shot.  Hopefully they'll do a better job of maintaining the site in the future, but working website or not, this news is awesome.  Cheers!

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