Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello, everybody!  My name is Michael Crane and I'm an indie author.  I've seen a lot of people blog on this site, so I figured what the hell?  Don't know how often I'll blog, or what exactly I'll blog about... but another outlet is never a bad thing.

I currently have an eBook out, IN DECLINE, which is a short story collection.  You can find out more about it on its Amazon page:  IN DECLINE: stories

I also have two free short stories on Smashwords that you can check out:


I also have an official facebook page where you can find more of my info:

As to how often I'll blog on here or how often I'll update it, I can't know for sure.  I'm usually bad at keeping up with things like this, but seeing as I'm trying to get my writing out there, I should learn how to do a better job!

Anyways, welcome to my blog site!  Be warned... there will be nothing but inane babble here.  Michael's Babble.

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