Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween "Tweet Shorts" - Round 1

Last year after releasing LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES, I did some tweet shorts on Twitter that were of the same style. I had a lot of fun with them, and they would end up giving me ideas for some drabbles (100-word shorts) that would later on appear in LESSONS II.

A year later, I'm doing them again. I will try to do them as we get closer and closer to Halloween. For those who missed the first installment, I'm posting them here so they'll be easy to find.

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And if you enjoy what you've read, check out my LESSONS books. Great for Halloween, or any other time when you feel like reading something sick, twisted and quick!
Here is the first round of my Tweet Shorts:

Another letter was on Joel's bed. "I bet a knife in your back would drive the point home. - Clown"

"Throwing your kid's favorite toy into the garbage is a no-no," Mr. Giggles spat as he jammed the screwdriver into Mark's eye.

She chopped off her husband's hand. If he was complaining about hand cramps, then she'd give him something real to cry about.

"Monsters aren't real. Daddy says so," Harry said. A paw grabbed his face. "Daddy doesn't know shit," the voice growled.

As the blood spilled from his neck, Ralph realized that calling his wife the c-word wasn't one of his brightest ideas.

"If I'm going to be called a 'backstabber,' I might as well earn it," Harvey mused, pulling the knife out of his former buddy.

It wasn't for money. It wasn't because he cheated. Shelly shot him because she couldn't take his knock-knock jokes anymore.

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