Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween "Tweet Shorts" - Round 2

Here's a second installment of "Tweet Shorts" that I did last week on Twitter. Had a lot of fun doing them again this year, and I hope to do some more next year. Think a few of these have given me ideas for a future drabble collection. If you missed them the first time around, here they are again. Hope you enjoy them!

A gift from her ex? Odd. And why a sock monkey? Before she could answer, Mr. Giggles jumped up and tore out her throat.

Okay, so I shouldn't call Suzie's Teddy Bear "ugly." Fine, lesson learned. Can you give me back my eye now?

Phil thought his son's new toys were harmless. With a couple of knives and wrenches, they were about to prove him wrong.

This punch is killer!" he said to his guests with a grin. He was correct. One by one, they all began to drop dead.

"The world didn't end," the crazy preacher sighed. Lil' Gabby stepped forward, holding a butchers knife. "For YOU it will."

"We were going to help you get rid of that monster," his mom said, "but since you failed the math test, it's your problem now."