Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catch-Up at Work

Sadly, since I took a few days off of work last week, I had to play catch-up all week long.  This means that I haven't had time to focus on my writing.  I like to write during my breaks at work because I feel like that's when I'm at my most productive.  It's very hard to keep focus when I'm at home.  Too many distractions.  I'm sure you can relate.  So, this hasn't been the best week of writing for me.

But I still remain positive about my writing.  My novel that I'm working on is going along smoothly, and I also have a short story that I have write a second draft for.  Busy, busy, busy!

It sucks knowing that I haven't done much with my writing this week, but we have a three day weekend coming up.  I will have to devote some of my time to writing, even if I'm home.

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