Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks everybody... you made my month!

What started out as a very slow month of sales for my book of short stories, IN DECLINE, has now turned into one of my best months.  As of today, I have sold 8 copies this month--and one of them was a UK sale!

I think I might be at around 17 copies, in total since the book went live in July.

I know the number may sound small, but you have to understand that this is huge for a short story collection by an uknown author.  I've been told many times that it's hard to sell short story collections.  Unless you're Hemingway or Vonnegut, people tend to stay away from them.

I got a big boost in sales thanks to some great people over at the Amazon forums.  You guys rock!

Overall, I just want to thank everybody for all of the support.  You have no idea what it means to me.  I'm always trying to grow as a writer and I know that my writing is not for everybody, but I really do appreciate all of the support.  Thanks everybody!

P.S.  I did finally get around to getting a Black Bear hamster.  Her name is Gir and she's adorable.

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