Friday, September 3, 2010

Showdown at SunnyView Playground: Yeah, it's about to go down!

I've decided to publish my short-short, Showdown at SunnyView Playground on Smashwords sometime this weekend.  I already have the cover picked out and just have to work on it when I get home.  Makes me happy that I have another story I can put up for free to hopefully get the word out on my writing.  I'm very happy with the responses my other two stories have gotten on there, so I figure why not?

This is a story that I originally wanted to be included with IN DECLINE, but felt it didn't belong.  It's much more on the lighter side.  Not that everything in that short story collection has to be gloom and doom (even though I joke about it like that), but the story didn't feel like it went well with the others.

How this story came about was there was a contest for some magazine where you write a short-short, and it had to start with the phrase, “There are three ways I can win this fight.”  Sadly, mine didn't win, but it was a fun experience and I feel that I was able to pull off a pretty fun story because of it.

I'm proud of this story because I feel that short-shorts are extremely difficult to pull off.  If you're able to tell a successful story with using only so many words, you should be proud!

Expect the story sometime this weekend, if not sooner.  Not sure how people will react to it, but that's never stopped me in the past.  I already accepted long ago that my writing is not for everybody.  There will be people who won't like it... but I also believe there will be some who do.

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