Monday, October 4, 2010

LESSONS: (a 100 word short-short)

Since it is the month of Halloween, I thought I'd do something special.  On one of the Amazon forums, an author asked if I had ever attemped a story that was only 100 words.  I didn't at the time, and thought it'd be fun to try.  Also, if you've read THE LAKE AND 17 OTHER STORIES by David McAfee, there are some excellent stories in there where he did just that.

So, I thought I'd give it a shot.  It really is hard.  Kudos to him for being able to pull it off.  I had a hard enough time with doing it for only one story!  But it was fun.

So here it is.  Be warned... it's a morbid story.

LESSONS by Michael Crane

Poor, poor Mr. Wilks.  He used to have ten fingers, but now he only has eight.  And the fact that he’s screaming and calling me names isn’t helping the situation any.  He’s tied to a chair, anyways.  He’s not going anywhere.
Snip.  Another finger goes bye-bye.
Another howl of pain.  Another name I’m called.
Snip.  Snip.
What a terrible mess.  The floor is covered with blood.  This is going to be a bitch to clean.  No matter.  A lesson must be learned.  Lessons aren’t always clean, are they?
Maybe next time, he will learn to use his fucking turn signals.