Thursday, October 7, 2010

INTERRUPTION: (a 100-word short)

I think I might've found my fifth story to add to the collection... W00t!


He couldn’t finish his breakfast.  Wayne was annoyed with all of the moaning and groaning.
“Goddammit!” he hollered.  He threw his spoon into his cereal bowl and got up from his chair.  He marched to the basement door while mumbling to himself.  He opened the door and looked down.
A man was lying on the ground below the stairs, cradling his gut.  Blood oozed between his fingers while he moaned.
“Aren’t you dead, yet?  I’m trying to have breakfast!” Wayne shouted.
The man groaned again.
Wayne slammed the door shut and shook his head.
“Some people can be so thoughtless.”

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